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Kathleen Elliott 

Certified Equestrian Horse Trainer

Come join us 2019

Western Dressage World Championship Show

Lazy E Arena, Guthrie, OK

Western Dressage Clinic 

Western Dressage Clinic Pepperglen Friday May 17,  & Saturday May 18th, 2019 
Clinic Level Beginners- Advanced
Prepare for Western Dressage Show At Pepperglen Farm May 19th , 2019 


2 pm —7 pm

45 min Private Lesson

Cost $70

Grounds Fee Included

Auditor fee $35

Stalls $10


10 am — 4pm

Group Lesson Clinic

Lunch Included

Cost $115

Grounds Fee Included

Stalls $10

Auditor Fee $35

Lunch Available for auditors $10


Pepperglen Farm

3563 Pedley Avenue

Norco, CA 92860

Stabling $10 Trailer Parking Available

Clinic attendees $10 discount towards PGF Show

Western Dressage Show Entries Close May 14th

Kathleen Elliott is a Western Dressage Association of California sanctioned clinician

ARIA Certified Western Dressage Trainer

Over 10 World Western Dressage Show Top 10 Finishes

WDAA / USEF Apprentice Judge

WDAA Judges Seminar

WDAA Western Dressage Judge Program

WDAA Train The Trainers

Call to reserve your spot 951-288-0521


World Western Dressage Championship show 2018 

Western Dressage 
The Birth Of A New Discipline

Western Dressage is so new that I keep getting asked the same question.

“What Exactly Is Western Dressage?” 

Western Dressage

The best of both worlds its so new and different. The mission is to give the western rider opportunities to enjoy the many benefits that progressive dressage training has to offer and to bring Western flavor to the sport of dressage.  When combining Western horsemanship principles and classical dressage training to ride horses, we develop a well-rounded and balanced partnership.

The fusion of these disciplines can yield a brave, well broke horse.  Western dressage involves using classical dressage concepts and principles to train and develop the western rider and horse. 

 The goal is to develop balance, relaxation and the acceptance of the aids through the tried and true methods of classical dressage.  Western dressage is neither intended to train a dressage horse nor to put a western saddle on a dressage horse.  It is merely the means by which we improve the horse and develop a well-rounded, disciplined horse regardless of its breed.

This is an all-inclusive discipline.  Western dressage helps to develop and provide progressive, methodical training and valuable feedback for the Western dressage rider.  Western Dressage can pave the way toward building a solid lasting relationship between horse and rider.  As Western dressage evolves, the hope is that it will bridge the gap between English and Western riders while preserving the integrity and quality of both.  I have found it an interesting wrinkle that different colored horses are supposed to be paired with specific color combinations for show apparel.

Great Western Dressage Resources  

Western Dressage Rules Test & Guidelines USEF

Western Dressage Rules Test & Guidelines WDAA

See how it can benefit you and your horse. No matter if you are a trail rider, weekend show rider or serious competitor - western dressage has something to offer you.

ARIA Certified Western Dressage .

November 2016 


Kathleen is a proud graduate of train the trainers program offered by the WDAA.

May 2014 Kathleen attended a Western Dressage Trainers program in Canada.   WDAA trains a small elite group of equine professionals who have taken the time and expense to become more educated about the new upcoming popular discipline Western Dressage.