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Kathleen Elliott 

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For over 24 years Kathleen has been a professional trainer and certified in ARIA Riding Instructor Program. The certification program proves that the instructor has the highest standards of knowledge, skills, safety that ARIA sets forth for the benefit of the horse and rider.

Kathleen's main goal for students is helping them create a successful partnership with their horse. Teaching student's patience and helping them view the horse, through the horse's eye, makes for an accomplished and happy horse and rider.

Beginners need a riding instructor to help them lay the foundation basics and intermediate and above riders can always use an expert eye. For beginners, it is not just the riding. Proper instruction on handling, putting the correct tack on the horse, grooming and care are emphasized. Although many of her students do not have their own horse, a gifted talented and extremely kind of lesson horse is a must.  Kathleen has taken the time to find just such horses. Beginners can feel confident and safe that the horse they are riding on will give and be forgiving and kind with safety always the priority. Many students advance quite quickly because these horses. As the saying goes. "They are worth their weight in gold!" Of course, Kathleen offers advanced horses for these who already have the basic skills.

Although going to shows is done on a regular basis (including beginners to advance on our lesson horses or their own), this is not a requirement showing is not for everyone, but we do always give the option.

It is important to have a safe and friendly environment to ride, with a family atmosphere for young people to enjoy as well as give our adults a break from the real world come relax and ride with us.

Horsemanship is about much more than just learning to ride. It's about developing and maintaining happy, healthy, and sound horses. We are committed to teaching riders to become true horsemen both in and out of the saddle.

We offer group, private and semi-private lessons for children and adults in Dressage and Western Dressage for beginning through advanced level riders. Special activities include schooling horse shows, and clinics.

We offer training at our prestigious equestrian facility. Lessons are separated by age and ability. Riders are placed into beginner, Intermediate, and advanced classes based on their age and goals.

Kathleen offers students as well as other riders a place to test their skills. 


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Kathleen Elliott 10X World Champion Western Dressage

Dressage Instructor, Trainer, Coach and Local Judge

The focus at Kathleen Elliott Equestrian is on the development of the horse and rider "team" as they move up the training scale, with an emphasis on the athletic development of the horse for long-term physical and mental soundness.

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                     24 hour Cancellation policy

Kathleen aims to provide her clients the highest quality service and she prides herself on her training abilities. If you cancel less than 24 hours of your scheduled lesson or training appointment, Kathleen will not only lose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have taken your scheduled appointment time. For this reason Kathleen is obligated to compensate for her time as well as make up for our lost revenue. The full lesson fee will be charged to you for missed appointments that are rescheduled or canceled less then 24 hours. Kathleen requires at least 24 hours notice.