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Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Center Initial Phased Re-Opening

Policies and Procedures for July 1, 2020 Kathleen Equestrian Training, staff and all participants are required to adhere to this set of health and safety protocol during the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition to specific guidelines required for each phase, the Ranch will uphold the following precautions throughout the lifetime of the pandemic for all subsequent phases:

•All staff, volunteers, riders and visitors are required to sign the Covid-19

Acknowledgement of Risk and Acceptance of Services Liability Waiver

•Visitors displaying symptoms of Covid-19 or severe illness will not be permitted on the Ranch. If a Kathleen Equestrian Training representative identifies any concerning symptoms, visiting party will be asked to leave .

•Signage will be posted around the Ranch regarding required Health and Hygiene Practices.

•All staff, riders and visitors must practice social distancing at 6 feet apart. 

•All staff, riders and visitors must wear face masks. Kathleen Equestrian Training will supply extra face masks at the Ranch if needed. Fully independent riders are not required to wear their face masks once mounted and at a distance of more that 10 feet from their instructor. Instructors will wear masks when greeting riders at their assigned check in points and during mounting and dismounting, and may drop down their masks when riders are mounted and at a distance of more than 10 feet away, so they can effectively communicate.

•Common areas including the main lobby, north arena lobby and the barn will be closed with the exception of essential staff. Main lobby bathroom is available to riders by request

•Riders and their families will enter the Ranch from the Corte Palabra entrance and must park in the Front Parking Lot.

•All staff and volunteers will enter the Ranch from the Corte Palabra entrance and park in the Rear Parking Area behind the barn. Anyone entering the barn must wash their hands at the disinfecting station located at the north end of the barn.

•Riders will report to their assigned Check In Point no more than 5 minutes early, dressed to ride with helmets fastened and face mask on.

•Each Check In Point will include a hand sanitizing station, wipes or sprays, disinfectant and disposable towels. Riders are required to disinfect their hands prior to mounting their horse.

•Riders are asked to leave promptly after their lesson time to allow for disinfecting and to reduce number of people present on the Ranch.

•Designated staff will disinfect all materials used during the lesson including reins, bridles and saddles.

•Designated personnel will disinfect surfaces in common areas daily. Staff will disinfect bathroom surfaces after each usage.

•Lesson volunteers, including leaders and side aids, must wear masks for the entirety of the lesson. Should a lesson volunteer experience trouble breathing due to mask, they will notify the instructor immediately. (To be implemented in later phases).

•Instructors will offer assistance to riders, when rider is mounted, from the side or back if possible and will avoid standing directly in front of rider.(To be implemented in later phases).

•Riders will be required to wear their own helmets. If purchasing a helmet is not possible, Kathleen Equestrian Training will provide helmets to be loaned for this time or request a donation of a helmet by a distributor.

•Families should plan to bring only the number of people needed to transport rider to reduce the number of people present on the Ranch. Please plan to leave siblings at home if possible.

•Kathleen's Summer Camp has been canceled for all weeks. Please contact Kathleendressagetrainer@gmail.com with any questions.

•Working Students will be reintroduced to the Ranch in later phases when we deem this as safe for our community.

•Our offices are closed with the exception of essential staff. Please call the office with any questions or concerns at 951-288-0521 

For specific needs:

For scheduling or admissions, please email Kathleendressagetrainer@gmail.com

For billing, please Katshorse@verizon.net

For volunteer information, please Kathleendressagetrainer@gmail.com

For giving opportunities, please email Kathleendressagetrainer@gmail.com

We humbly thank you for your understanding of these seemingly stringent policies. We hope that if offers a safe platform to return to the Kathleen Equestrian Training we all know and love. The Ranch has always been a sanctuary of kindness and love to all that walk through its doors and we truly look forward to serving our community once more.