Specializing In Western Dressage

Kathleen Elliott 

Certified Equestrian Horse Trainer



15.2 hands

March 29 2011

Jozs Bikr 

Registered # AHR 652766

Jobi has done a little bit of everything very versatile with a dressage foundation.

Jobi is currently in full time dressage training. Can do both traditional dressage and western dressage.

 Jobi will meet your needs and exceed your expectations he is an experienced trail horse. 

Judges love him he has great potential. 

Not spooky has good ground manners.

He has participated in over a dozen endurance rides which includes seven that were 150 miles. 

Jobi also is an experienced and calm trail horse comfortable negotiating the streets and trails of Norco, solo. 

This gentle barn favorite does not spook at barking dogs, passing traffic, honking cars, or other trail riding hazards.

While Jobi does fine alone on trail, he is also comfortable with group rides as well as solo rides.

Trailers, ties, and clips with ease. 

Because he was raised outdoors in North Dakota, he has a hardy constitution and a sweet calm disposition. 

Jobi has done arena /dressage and also hacked the Norco street trails. Not a spooker. Seen a lot and doesn’t care. Also not barn sour. Can go solo on trail.

Western Dressage Reserve Champion June 2018 Scores of 72 & 74%. 

Offred at $10,000.

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