Specializing In Western Dressage

Kathleen Elliott 

Certified Equestrian Horse Trainer

End Of The Year Awards 2018

Congratulations you all did an amazing job, so proud of you!


Champion traditional dressage

Training Level Jr
Enrique Urizar on Vanidoso

Jennifer Heineken on Rosco
Top 10

Kathleen Elliott
Western dressage
Intro champion on Caspian

Jillienne Endresen
Jr reserve champion on Smokey

Kathleen Elliott 

On champagne Ice
Reserve champion level 1 Open

Black Dog Show 

TEV schooling show
Traditional dressage
Intro champion
Jr Jillienne Endresen
Little Bay shorts

Training Level
Jennifer Heineken on Rosco
Rachel Adams on Stella

First level traditional dressage
Champion Jennifer Heineken on Roscoe@

Western Dressage Intro Jr. 

Champion Jillienne Endresen
on Little Bay shorts

Western dressage basic level Champion Jr
Jillienne Endresen on Smokey

Western dressage basic Champion Kathleen Elliott on Caspian

Western dressage level 2
Kathleen Elliott on champagne ice

Western Dressage Reserve Champion Jr. 

Jillienne Endresen on Smokey

Western dressage Reserve Champion level 1
Kathleen Elliott on champagne ice