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Kathleen Elliott 

 Equestrian Training  


Has your child always dreamed of learning to ride?

We provide a resource to students, parents, and guardians utilizing the independent study model for home schooling through a charter or private affidavit. Kathleen Elliot is an ARIA Certified Riding Instructor and 10X World Champion in Western Dressage. Her program offers individualized training in all aspects of the equestrian sport. We emphasize Western Dressage and Traditional Dressage.

We partner with multiple charter schools and tailor our lessons to fit the full spectrum of ages, experience, grade level, skill, training, and interest.

Whether you are a seasoned equestrian athlete seeking to enhance your riding ability or you have never ridden a horse, we offer an opportunity to explore a broad range of equine education topics to our students. We provide the chance to learn about these gentle giants while developing practical equine skills, such as tacking up, grooming, handling, and riding.

Correct horse riding is a great way to get in shape. It enhances both physical fitness and flexibility. Our quiet dependable horses are great for of any children of any age, including those who may be afraid to ride.

We offer many different riding disciplines for our Charter students.

Horseback riding lessons help teach the responsibilities of horse ownership.  Riding lessons also give students the opportunity to see if they enjoy riding and to consider making horses a commitment in their lives.  Kathleen can also provide an opportunity to lease a horse or to board a horse under instructor supervision.  This gives the potential horse owner (and his horse) the maximum opportunity for success!

We provide a variety of educational experiences in addition to riding lessons.  Adults are encouraged to watch other lessons, horse training and other activities on the grounds. We offer a fun and educational experience to students.


Because we recognize that many home schooled students need flexibility in their schedule, Kathleen offers classes/lessons on a flexible basis.  Classes can be scheduled in most cases Monday-Friday anytime between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.  Students also can schedule lessons on weekends by prior arrangement.  Call us at  951-288-0521 to schedule.  

We can accommodate students of all ages and grade levels.  Please click here to learn about our riding lessons for students with special needs.

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Do not hesitate to improve your riding or to learn how to start riding your horse (or future dream horses).  They will love you for it!!!

If you are currently enrolled in a charter school school and you are interested in horse lessons please contact us.

(951) 288-0521

Charter Schools


Compass Charter Schools is one of California‚Äôs leading 
WASC-accredited virtual charter schools of choice.

Families from across the state choose us for the

 21st century online and home study learning 

options provided through our cutting-edge curriculum.

 Success in balancing the development of the whole 

child is central to our mission and to leading and 

serving the parents and scholars of California.

Excel Academy

Our Programs provide engaging and relevant state standards aligned curriculum. Student needs are identified through ongoing assessments to inform and guide appropriate and effective intervention strategies. We offer a comprehensive system of supports to parents and students to ensure students are on track with grade level requirements and are college and career ready. 

Our Families work closely with credentialed teachers to provide the best instructional practices for their children.  


A tuition-free public charter school, Method serves K-12 students in all Southern California counties. We work closely with school districts and local traditional schools to ensure all students are afforded the best possible school option. 

We do not compete with or quarrel with school districts over students or funding; in fact, we partner with over 200 schools and districts.

As a result of our student-first and collaborative approach to school choice, Method Schools has maintained scalable and moderate enrollment growth.

River Springs

River Springs Charter School  is a free, K-12 public charter school that offers a wide range of educational opportunities and programs to help your child achieve his or her highest potential, whether that be in a classroom, online, or at home. By focusing on the freedom of choice, along with empowering parents to play a significant role as educators, we are able to tailor an optimized personal learning plan based on your child's learning style and needs.


Inspire we strive to offer innovative personalized learning options for all styles of homeschool families and respect a family's right to educate their children.  
We understand the needs of the homeschool community and we are proud to be blazing the way for homeschoolers partnering with a public charter school in California and beyond.  Please take a look around our website to find the program that best suits your family.  
Inspire Charter Schools is committed to supporting all families on their homeschooling journey.

Sage Oak Charter

Sage Oak Charter is a WASC Accredited school. According to the WASC website, WASC is a process that serves as the foundation for quality education. An accredited school is a statement to the broader community and the stakeholders that it is a trustworthy institution for student learning and committed to ongoing improvement. We are proud and pleased to be able to offer Sage Oak students an accredited program.

Sky Mountain Charter

The SMCS charter has been approved by the Lucerne Valley Unified School District in Lucerne Valley, California. Sky Mountain Charter School is an independent study charter school that is managed by Innovative Education Management, a nonprofit public benefit education corporation who has managed a number of public charter schools in California since 1993. SMCS serves California students who reside in a six-county area including San Bernardino, Inyo, Kern, Los Angeles,Orange, and Riverside counties. 

Announcing Virtual Lessons and Training

  •  Virtual Rides
  • Tack and Equine Care
  • Horse/Rider Safety
  • Equitation

Kat understands the hardships and challenges we all face during these difficult times. For riders who wish to enjoy the equestrian experience and continue to learn during the covid-19 pandemic, we are excited to announce our virtual riding program. Whether you are a parent looking for activities for your kids or a long-time riding enthusiast looking for a virtual riding experience, our virtual program includes a wide range of equestrian activities.

Contact us for more details 951-288-0521