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Kathleen Elliott 

 Equestrian Training  

                               Want to learn to ride and or train horses? 
                                          Become an Apprentice!

Kathleen Elliott Equestrian Training offers a unique apprenticeship program for those that are serious about learning to ride and train horses. Accepted applicants will be given the opportunity to participate in every aspect of training and riding horses. Apprentices at Kathleen Elliott Equestrian are given the opportunity to ride horses of every ability level, from starting their first assigned project horse to riding finished show horses.  Apprentices at Kathleen Elliott Equestrian are also given the opportunity to participate in the show season if they wish. If you’re looking for an apprenticeship that provides you real experience riding and training rather than merely cleaning stalls, feeding and grooming, this is a great chance for you. Our ranch focuses on Western Dressage and Dressage, including starting young horses, but we get horses in for training for a wide variety of disciplines in both English and Western events, as well as casual trail horses.  

For a person that wants a career in the horse industry or simply to have fun and learn how to ride, the best education is not in a college or university but in the real world. You will start with responsibilities that fit your experience and ability and work your way up as with any profession in order to learn all aspects of the business. This is the true way to success. We here at Kathleen Elliott Equestrian offer this rare hands on opportunity to those who interested in hard work and dedication. You are expected to help with everything included in our business. Your duties include but are not limited to: Riding broke horses in a variety of ways, cleaning stalls, training green horses, cleaning/organizing tack, working with and halter breaking foals, starting young horses, general care and feeding of horses, ground training young horses, doctoring injuries, breeding, stallion handling, grooming, bathing, minor clipping, braiding, keeping the barn and ranch tidy, and showing if you choose. The majority of your time each day is spent riding/training horses or observing training. We also go over some theory to make sure you become a knowledgeable horse person. Our days are busy and hard work, but we have a lot of fun, and it is very rewarding.  

Give us a call if you are interested limited availability.
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We are hiring!!!

We are seeking a safe, fun, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about assistant who enjoys teaching horseback riding lessons? We're looking for an experienced Riding Instructor to join our team!

New team member must meet the needs of students with a wide variety of riding experience, from lead-line lessons, to first-time youth riders from beginner through advanced.

Qualified instructors should have a minimum of 1 years of teaching experience and a sound knowledge of horse care. Instructors involved in or having completed college degree programs or certification programs (such as those offered by the BHS, USHJA, USDF, ARIA, CHA, etc.) are especially encouraged to apply.

We insist upon professionalism, punctuality, personal dedication to educating riders at all levels, and commitment to self-improvement. Applicant must be willing to work in a team-first environment. Applicant must be kind to the horses (and clients), friendly, and maintain a patient, professional attitude at all times.

Teach horseback riding lessons on our well schooled lesson horses

Help with basic barn chores and duties and occasional projects

Tack and untack horses

School lesson horses

Organize schooling shows

Friendly, upbeat, positive attitude

Organized, responsible, detailed, reliable and fun loving

Kind, accountable, trainable, coachable, open minded, and customer service oriented